Japan esports Society 一般社団法人日本eスポーツ学会


Until now, in addition to the difficult culture of “game = sports” in Japan,
e-sports has not been focused on for various reasons. However,
e-sports is already widely recognized as a sporting event overseas.

We will expand e-sports in Japan, create a new generation of entertainment,
and broaden the activity of communication between generations and areas.
We will also strive to improve our position by developing game players as athletes.
plications and contribute to society.

About Us設立主旨

We mainly investigate e-sports and develops human resources.
Through these, we aim to contribute to the progress of the e-sports industry and the development of Japan.

We aim to promote the creation of the next generation market and the revitalization of the region.
We will further promote collaboration across industries.

We will collaborate not only in the domestic market but also with related organizations overseas.
Create value for domestic e-sports athletes and strengthen international competitiveness.

Business Description事業内容

This organization has the following businesses:

  1. 1. Research and development required to promote e-sports
  2. 2. Developing professional human resources who can contribute to the promotion of e-sports
  3. 3. Cooperation with universities and other educational institutions
    that contribute to the promotion of e-sports
  4. 4. Enlightenment activities to citizens necessary for promotion of e-sports
  5. 5. Other business about promotion of e-sports
  6. 6. Other business incidental or related to the business listed in the preceding items


President Seiichiro Kakehi代表理事 筧 誠一郎

Representative of e-sports Communications LLC. Born in 1960. After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Seijo University, joined Dentsu in 1983. Engaged mainly in music and games. Left from Dentsu in 2010. Produced various e-sports events and facilities, and worked to expand e-sports in Japan. Established e-Sports Communications LLC in 2016. Organized “Japan e-sports League” by franchise teams nationwide. In 2018, an “e-sports Star League” was held by talent and entertainers. Also supervises Japan's first e-sports mook “e-sports magazine” (Byakuya Shobo) and e-sports special program “YUBIWAZA” (Mainichi Broadcasting System). Published books, “e-sports Theory” “e-sports Regional Revitalization”.


6-33-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, La Maison de Rose 2-C